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October 18-20, 2019 - Camping:  Blydenburgh 

November 8-10, 2019 - Camping:  Alpine Camp with West Point Football Game (football ticket $$ due 9/17!!) Please RSVP by September 10!!

December 7, 2019 - Wreath Preparation - All must attend - Church basement - 12:00-4pm

December 7, 2019 - Wreath Fundraiser - All Masses, Church lobby


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Boy Scout Troop #356

Weekly meetings:

•             Follow troop calendar (which can be found on the troop website at www.bsa356.com)

•             Boys must wear full “Class A” uniform (a regulation shirt with all patches and pants/shorts) to all scout functions (including meetings) unless told otherwise by the scoutmaster and/or leaders.  On some occasions, “Class B” t-shirts are acceptable.

•             Boys can wear a merit badge sash one they have earned at least six merit badges

•             Boys must bring scout handbook and a notebook/pen to every meeting.  It is suggested that you buy a cover for the handbook since it must last for many years.

•             A troop roster will be e-mailed to all boys. Please make sure the troop has your current e-mail address if you are not receiving correspondence from the troop.

•             If a scout cannot attend a meeting, he should call his patrol leader and advise of his absence. 

•             All boys must be picked up from the meeting place (usually the church) by an adult.  Parents are asked to please come downstairs into the church basement.  No boys should be waiting in the parking lot.

•             Since the leaders try to start the meetings promptly at 7:30, they request that you save any questions for them until after the pledge and announcements. 

•             Sign-up sheets are always located on the table when you first enter the room.  It is the responsibility of each scout to inform his parents of the times and events for which he has signed up.

•             A newsletter is e-mailed monthly to each troop family to keep everyone informed about upcoming events.  Please make sure to provide a current e-mail address.


Leader meetings:

•             These meetings are usually held the first Monday of every month.  Troop 356 is a “scout-run” troop, and this is where the monthly themes for the meetings are planned by the scouts with the help of the leaders if necessary.

•             All boys with jobs in the troop are required to attend these meetings

•             Any boy in the troop is welcome to attend and share his ideas

•             New ideas for troop meetings and activities are always welcome.  This is the forum to bring up suggestions.


Camp outs:

•             The members of Troop 356 camp every month except December

•             All parents must fill out a permission slip and hand it in prior to any camp out along with food monies for that camp out.

•             All boys are required to have a current health form on file with the scoutmaster.  This form is valid for one year after the date of the doctor appointment.  It is recommended that you hand this in as soon as possible so that the leaders have it on file.  Boys are not permitted to attend camp outs/trips if the troop does not have an up-to-date medical form.

•             The troop members who attend the camp outs are required to meet at the church garage before a trip to help pack the trailer and after the trip to help unload the trailer.  Everyone will leave together for all camp outs.

•             It is the responsibility of the parents to drive to and from camp outs.  However, there may be enough adult leaders going which makes it possible to carpool.  Please make any carpooling arrangements prior to departure time.  Do not show up at the garage expecting to get a ride from someone without a prior arrangement.

•             Each patrol will plan its own meals, write out a menu, and shop for the food.   Each boy in the patrol should be prepared to food shop on a rotating schedule.  The cost of food is $15.00 per scout (subject to change) per camp out and must be given as cash.  Each patrol will be assigned a troop guide to help them learn the routine.

•             Any boy who needs to take any kind of medication must inform the adult leaders.  It is recommended that all medication be labeled and directions for dosages be clearly written out for the leaders to follow.



•             The troop has several fundraisers each year.  All boys are required to participate in all of the fundraisers.  The planned, yearly fundraisers are:

o             Wreath sale

o             Easter Candy Sale

o             Mother’s Day Plant Sale

o             Paint night fundraiser

•             The boys earn credits for the wreath sale and plant sale.  That means that they actually earn money (that is held by the troop treasurer) that can be used toward troop expenses such as dues, summer camp, outings, etc.  *Credits cannot be used for camp out food.

•             Since the troop raises the money that helps pay for many things through fundraising, we ask that you participate to the best of your ability.  We offer buyouts for situations when you find it difficult to participate, but they are pricey and we would much rather have your participation.

•             Parents are expected to help with the fundraisers when additional help is needed.  Please step up to help when you can. The brunt of the work typically falls on the committee so help from parents is not only expected but very much appreciated!


Court of Honor:

•             The Court of Honor is a ceremony where the troop recognizes the achievements of the boys.  They are held three times a year in October, February and June.  Refreshments are served.

•             Attendance at the Court of Honor is mandatory, and each boy must be dressed in full “Class A” uniform and accompanied by at least one parent/guardian.  This is the perfect occasion to recognize the accomplishments of your son(s) and the rest of the scouts in the troop. 

•             The February Court of Honor is a catered event where the cub scouts are welcomed into the troop.  This event requires an RSVP and  a small cost is collected per person attending.



•             Attendance at meetings and outing are considered when trying to advance in rank

•             The boys must have their scout handbooks signed off on as they complete requirements

•             When the scout feels he is ready to advance, he must participate in a Boys’ Board of Review, a Scoutmaster Conference, and a Committee Board of Review.

•             Once a scout passes his Scoutmaster Conference, he must call the committee advancement person to request a Committee Board of Review by the Friday prior to the board of review date.  He must speak to the advancement person personally or leave a message so that the committee representative can contact him at a later time.  If this procedure is not followed, the scout will not be eligible to advance at that time.


Merit Badges:

•             Any boy who is interested in working on a merit badge must speak to the scoutmaster or an assistant scoutmaster and obtain a blue card.

•             The leaders have a list of all current merit badge counselors.

•             The troop has a library of merit badge books, or you can buy them at the scout shop.  Sometimes, the public library offers a selection of merit badge books as well.

•             Anyone who has a special expertise is encouraged to sign up as a merit badge counselor. An application is available on our "Links" tab.

•             Please save all completed blue cards in a safe place as proof that merit badges have been earned.  A vinyl baseball card holder is a great storage/organization device for this.


Service Projects:

•             All scouts need to participate in service projects/community service in order to advance

•             Scouts are encouraged to attend all service projects for their fellow scouts

•             Attendance at these events will be considered before a scout can advance in rank


Scout Sunday and Boy Scout Convocation:

Attendance at Scout Sunday and the Convocation at St. Agnes Cathedral in Rockville Centre are highly encouraged.  We are a church-sponsored troop, and as such, feel it is necessary to support fellow scouts as they receive religious medals and awards.


End-of-the-Year Trip (Big Trip):

•             The troop goes on the “Big Trip” sometime in June.  These trips are generally educational in nature to places like Boston, Washington, DC, Gettysburg, Philadelphia, etc.

•             The troop pays for a large portion of the expenses, however, each boy usually must pay something toward the cost of this trip

•             Vans are rented and driven by troop leaders to the chosen destination, so parents are not expected to provide transportation to this event.

•             No parents are permitted to attend this trip.


Summer Camp:

•             The troop attends summer camp for one week sometime in July or August each year.  The actual camp that the troop attends is chosen by the boys each year. 

•             We don’t usually attend summer camp at the same camp each year because we like the boys to experience different programs.

•             All boys must pay their own way for summer camp (Earned credits from troop fundraisers help ease the expense.  The more you sell, the more you earn!)

•             Up-to-date health forms are required by all summer camps.  We usually require three copies prior to leaving for camp.  The camp collects one copy, the leaders have a copy with them at camp, and committee retains a copy in the troop file.  Boys who arrive at summer camp without completed health forms are not allowed to stay at camp per camp rules.

•             Summer camp offers pre-arranged programs for new scouts designed to help them with rank advancement as opposed to earning merit badges.  There are also many fun activities for the boys to participate in.

•             Don’t feel bad if your son isn’t ready for sleep-away camp yet.  There’s always next year.


Parent participation:

Any parent wishing to participate with the troop in the way of events, camp-outs must complete all necessary training prior to participating.  Training modules and background check information can be found on the training tab.